Transocean Legend MODU

AME Pty Ltd
April 2014
Northwest Shelf, Western Australia

Global Scanning Solutions was contracted by AME Pty Ltd to develop a series of asbuilt 3D CAD models of the Transocean Legend to assist in equipment design and interface fabrication.

In order to achieve the project requirements was proposed that the Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit (MODU) be laser scanned and surveyed using a Faro Focus 3D laser scanner, whilst the MODU was in field on the Northwest Shelf Australia.

The primary objective of the project was to develop general 3D CAD models with the ability and functionality to determine equipment positioning and clash detection.

Key deliverables included;

  • 3D CAD as-built model
  • POV Panoramic point cloud viewer (TruView)
  • Registered point cloud data
  • Plan and section general arrangement drawings

A team of 2 surveyors were mobilised to this project, with the team completing the dimensional control survey and the 3D laser scanning. Our 3D modelling team were tasked with developing a 3D as-built model and offset general arrangements.