Global Scanning Solutions utilise the latest in hand-held scanning technology to capture elements at high accuracy and density.

We provide a fully interactive 3D as-built deliverable from which accurate geometry and deviation measurements can be determined. This provides clients with a precise and efficient method for viewing and analysing metrology data.
This information can be used for deflection or deformation analysis of structures and elements up to a few metres in size. The fully interactive 3D data enables immediate visual assessment for quality control and assurance.
Benefits of Hand-Held Scanning:
  • Rapid high accuracy capture
  • Integrated with terrestrial scanning data
  • Highly portable equipment
  • Intuitive 3D visualisation
Applications of Hand-Held Scanning:
  • Pumps and manifolds
  • Flange orientation
  • Bolt rotation
  • Reverse engineering
  • Repair orders
  • Winches and reels
  • Accurate determination of surface integrity and smoothness