Subsea scanning brings the benefits of terrestrial scanning to the depths. Global Scanning Solutions deliver a full, interactive 3D as-built data set creating a visual model of the target structures and surrounding area from which accurate 3D geometries and measurements can be sourced providing immediate visual assessment of the data for quality assurance.

Subsea scanning provides the following benefits;

  • Diverless measurement
  • In-field visualisation
  • Asset management & integration
  • Jacket inspection
  • Pipeline inspection
  • Improved planning, design & integrity
  • Eliminate re-work tie & cost
  • Reduce risk exposure
  • Simulation data
  • Laser & acoustic systems

Services include;

  • As-built 3D modelling
  • Clash detection
  • Pipe spool & jumper metrology
  • Planning & design
  • Asset management
  • Near real-tie visualisation
  • Non-intrusive capture