Improved accuracy and flexibility in hand-held scanning devices has opened a new application for metrology grade hand-held scanners for high accuracy measurement and analysis.

Metrology grade scanning is fast, efficient and accurate. Measurement accuracy up to 30 microns is achievable. One of the main benefits of hand-held metrology scanning is that it allows data to be spatially related, unlike traditional dimensional inspection where measurements require independent verification. This methodology enables engineers to conduct desktop studies with the freedom to perform data extraction based on scan data.

Global Scanning Solutions recently successfully completed projects utilising metrology grade hand-held scanning. A Creaform Handyscan 700 handheld laser scanner was utilised for these projects in order to achieve the desired results for our clients.

Global Scanning Solutions performed corrosion mapping of spherical tank support columns on one of Exxonmobil’s refineries. Hand-held scanning enabled mapping of the corrosion defects and delivery of a corrosion severity map within 2 hours following data acquisition. Traditionally, using pit gauges, these procedures would take 2 days per column without accurate spatial reference of the measurement location, whereas using hand-held scanning, 3 columns were completed within a day. 3D data was filtered to produce an inspection report that allowed engineers to detect pit severity based on predefined criteria.