EcoMarine is a suite of integrated software solutions focused on improving efficiencies in the ship building and fabrication industry.

The EcoMarine suite includes EcoMES, EcoBlock and EcoOTS. 


PDA based measurement system that integrates with modern total stations to provide in-field measurement analysis.


  • Compatible with numerous total stations
  • Can be installed to PDA or total station
  • Analysis of block on production site rapidly. (Manual/automatic input design data to verify errors of each point.)
  • Accurate block measurement as the same condition of block assembly using pin-jig level setting function
  • Ability to reset axis during survey

EcoBlock G1

3D dimensional accuracy control system, compatible with common 3D block design data. Provides easy mark-up check sheet for block fabrication.


  • Accurate block analysis
  • Analyse block accuracy in the same condition of block assembly
  • Control block level accuracy


3D block erection simulation system providing automatic gap and overlap analysis and reporting to ensure one-time block setting.


  • Automatic analysis of erection condition
  • Accurate block erection analysis using moving and rotating functionality
  • Easy analysis of overlaps and gaps between blocks
  • Auto calculation of block cutting requirements
  • Mark-up final report for block setting and erection