Global Scanning Solutions recently consulted with the design team for a project in Melbourne. The project requires a new build to tie-in with an existing building through the installation of an underground tunnel.


The project challenge requires careful cost-benefit analysis for the placement of the tunnel – do they dig more and make the tunnel longer in un-disturbed soil, or tie-in with an existing undercroft and move services, reducing the dig and positioning the tunnel in between existing columns?



GSS captured this site using our SCAN-TO-BIM workflow, and delivered results quickly and effectively – to tie-in with an existing Site model. Using concrete scanners, we detected the locations of footings underground, to highlight any digging issues that may be apparent. The benefit of this service has come through knowing which services and structures will need to be moved, to assess the “additional spend” required to install the tunnel in this area.



This solution reduces guesswork at this early stage, and bring confidence in the project costing and analysis, and in drawings for construction and fabrication.