Jumper Spool Dimensional Control

Jutal yard, Zhuhai, Peoples Republic of China (PRC)
Global Scanning Solutions were engaged by Saipem to provide dimensional control survey of subsea jumper spools fabricated at Jutal yard, Zhuhai, PRC. Jumper spools were destined for the Panyu gas field which is situated in the Pearl river mouth basin, of the South China Sea approximately 150km south of Hong Kong, offshore PRC.
Dimensional control included survey on fit-up stage (kit assembly and erection) and post-weld erection/joint. The as-built dimensions of the jumper were taken, then compared with design drawings supplied by the client. Potential clashes were found and pre-weld and post-weld survey carried out at the fabrication yard ensured first-time fit of the jumper during subsea installation.
Benefits to our client included:
  • First-time fit
  • Reduced work onsite