Fire Control Water Tank

Using a high definition 3D laser scanner, Global Scanning Solutions can survey large vessels such as water and fuel tanks and gas storage containers.

The data gathered from the laser scanner can be used to compare the as built tank against a design model (3D CAD model), or another set of scans from a previous survey. Scheduled surveys can then be used to build up a history of the structure.

Applications: Construction QA, deformation monitoring, retrofitting of new structure.

Benefits of Laser Scanning

  • Augments traditional survey systems
  • Risk mitigation
  • Cost reduction and schedule reduction
  • See the “big picture” in one go
  • Visualising “as-is” condition against design model or previous scans
  • Ultra fast acquisition rates (1 million points / sec)
  • Optional photo texture
  • Accuracy 1mm to 6mm depending on resolution
  • Range 0.6m to 120m
  • Point cloud can be compared to previous point cloud identifying
  • Problems can be avoided at an early stage
  • Reduces time and errors