Air Liquide Gas Plant

Alliance Surveying
January 2015
Perth, Western Australia

Global Scanning Solutions was engaged through Alliance Surveying to develop an asbuilt 3D CAD model of the Air Liquide Gas Plant expansion project at Kwinana. Laser scanning consisted of approximately 80 scans on several levels throughout the plant. Using our state of the art compact 3D laser scanner, each scan position took approximately 6 minutes to complete and was captured in full colour.

The primary objective of the project was to develop a 3D CAD model with the ability and functionality to assist in route identification and design of a series of new pipe spools ranging in size from 50mm NB to 250mm NB. The pipe spools run up to 200 metres in length and required fabrication off-site. The 3D CAD models needed to be within +/-5mm for the pipe spools to be installed in a single fit-up.

Key deliverables included;

  • 3D CAD as-built model
  • POV Panoramic point cloud viewer
  • Registered point cloud data
  • Comprehensive model quality reports

A team of 2 surveyors were mobilised to the project, with the team completing the 3D laser scanning data acquisition in two days. Point cloud registration and 3D CAD modelling was undertaken by our data processing and 3D modelling team. Final deliverables were made ten days after completion of the field acquisition.